Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Here is the new brochure for 2018.  Work parties are going well and water levels are back to normal after an exceptionally wet few months.

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Les Saisons

Martin Mullen and Graham Wear returned to the lake.  Graham fished swim 7/8 and caught a 15lbs catfish and a 30lbs plus mirror.  Martin fished swims 3 and 2 and finished the week with 9 carp to 50lbs plus.



Paul Spratley and Steve Grigg fished our final week of the 2017 season at Les Saisons.  Paul fished swim 7/8 and caught 4 x 20lbs plus, 5 x 30lbs plus and commons at 46lbs and 49lbs.  Steve was in swim 10 and finished the week with 4 x 20lbs plus, 4 x 30lbs plus and commons at 43lbs, 47lbs and 48lbs and 2 x 46lbs mirrors.



Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Lac du Menhir

Neil Hewitt and Richard Watts returned to Lac du Menhir.

Richard started the week in swim 6 then moved to swim 1 and caught 2 fish, including a new PB mirror at 42lbs.

Neil was in swim 6a and finished the week with 1 x double, 1 x 20lbs plus, 6 x 30lbs plus and 2 mirrors at 40lbs and 42lbs.



Saturday, 21 October 2017

Les Saisons
Simon Strutt and party had a good week at Les Saisons.
Kev Luckins fished swim 1 and caught 7 fish including a PB 45lbs 8oz common.  In swim 3 Simon Strutt had 5 fish including a PB 51lbs 8oz common.  Ashley Goulding fished swims 5 and 7 and caught 4 fish including a PB mirror at 41lbs 8oz.  In swims 7 and 12 Shay Brown finished with 4 fish including a 47lbs 10oz common. Wayne Noble was in swim 10 and had 7 fish including a PB mirror at 32lbs 7oz. In swim 11 James Glasspool finished the week with 7 fish including a PB common at 47lbs 6oz.
In total the party had 4 doubles, 17 x 20lbs plus, 5 x 30lbs plus, 7 x 40lbs plus and 1 x 50lbs plus.





Monday, 16 October 2017

Andrew Morris-Ebdon and party visited Lac du Menhir for the first time and had a very successful week.
Going into Thursday night Andrew had already caught 8 fish from swim 1 including 2 x 50lbs plus sturgeon, a 39lbs plus mirror and a 40lbs plus mirror. Friday morning brought 2 further mirrors at 36lbs 4ozs and 39lbs 6ozs, then when Andrew’s middle rod went off he instantly knew it was another good fish, however could not quite believe it when this mirror was weighed at 60lbs 8ozs. I was fortunate enough to be at the lake to witness this new lake record and the first 60lbs plus fish to be caught at Lac du Menhir. Andrew was using Denham Baits Element and Kranberry Enzyme boilies.
In swim 1a Anthony Freeman had commons at 25lbs plus and 30lbs plus, plus mirrors at 33lbs plus and 36lbs plus.
Neil Griffin fished swim 6 and finished the week with 5 carp, a common at 25lbs and 4 mirrors to 35lbs including 3 at 30lbs plus. 
In swim 6a Andrew Sneddon had 11 fish including 5 x 30lbs plus mirrors to 36lbs 7ozs, 5 commons to 39lbs 5ozs and a sturgeon at 49lbs 7ozs.
Andrew 60lbs 8ozs



Thursday, 21 September 2017

Lac du Menhir

Paul Drake and party returned to Lac du Menhir.

Ken fished swim 6 and caught 9 fish to 37lbs and in swim 6a Paul had 4 fish to 38lbs.  Terry was in swim 1 and caught 4 fish to 40lbs.  Paul fished swim 3 and finished the week with 16 fish to nearly 40lbs.





Monday, 11 September 2017

Les Saisons

Thomas White and party had a good week with all the anglers catching 40lbs plus fish.

Andre fished swim 7/8 and caught 6 fish up to 43lbs.  Ian had 5 fish to over 42lbs from swims 1 and 3.  In swim 11 Thomas finished with 16 carp including a 43lbs mirror, 42lbs 8ozs common and a 44lbs 8ozs common.